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Above the Standard
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"We Develop Efficient Processes for Businesses that Increases their Cash Flow!"

What’s really unique working with Above The Standard? - A NO Cost Assessment and Performance Based Approach.

Unlike a lot of service providers out there who pay themselves first, we want to show you how to increase revenue by helping you do that first by actually making it happen! 

Featured Programs

Our global team of tenured experts creates synergistic and innovative strategies and tactics to strengthen organizational performance, improve sustainable competitive advantage, build gains in market share, increase profitability, and build gross revenues.  

Reduce credit card and merchant costs by 100%!

ATS Card Group International Cash Incentive Program
The purpose of the “Cash Incentive Program” provides a way for merchants to reduce their current cost of accepting credit cards as a form of payment by 100%.  

How does the Cash Incentive Program (CIP) work?
The merchant imposes a “Service fee” on all “in store” sales, and as an incentive for customers who pay with cash or in-store credit, they immediately discount the “Service Fee”.

Maximizing Transportation & Logistics Profits Finding the Money you Never Knew Was Missing

4 Areas: Enhance Profits
Invoice Audit Services
Benchmark & Target Pricing Analyses
Contract Optimization & Negotiation Services
Logistics Consulting Services 

Seeking Strategic Partnerships

ATS Worldeide is currently seeking the following Strategic Partners! 
Outbound Call Center support
Large Scale Merchant Processing Services
Exectutive Training Groups
Sourcing - Cryptocurrency Sellers (Large Scale BTC)
ATM Installation & Mmanagement Companies
GREEN Procurement Services

Managed Procurement, Audit, & Fraud Prevention

Need Help Manageing & Avoiding Procurement Fraud?
Above the Standard Procurement Audit Training and Solutions Introduction One of the biggest areas of concern for organizations around the globe is procurement fraud with losses to organizations and the global economy in the Trillions of Dollars each year!

Executive Leadership Coaching Expertise

What is Above the Standard In-House Training Workshops?
"ATS" professional training offers high caliber courses to different industries and practitioners. Our global experts and trainers provide courses with the latest practical tools to solve different issues within their organization and industry

We Deliver Results

For more than 30 years, Above the Standard has helped organizations of all sizes in many industries be more profitable and best in class by increasing profits, improving costs, and enabling growth, in the tens of billions of dollars.

Above the Standard’s proven track record has helped organizations increase profits in the tens of billions of dollars all over the globe, at an average of 28% increase, for 98% our engaged clients.

Above the Standard starts with no risk and no cost with proven cost reduction, and best value increase, through our solutions and buying group offerings.

Through performance, results, verifiable cost savings, and profit increase, we build trust with each of our clients. 

Training by Design

Workshops are designed to give local, regional, and global senior management and executive’s strategic information enabling them to make well-informed business decisions. Our clients are informed with the latest industry trends, future opportunities, and innovative practices around the world.

Increased Revenue & Cost Reduction

Our global team of tenured cost reduction experts and partners creates synergistic and innovative cost reduction strategies, services, and tactics to strengthen corporate financial performance, improve sustainable competitive advantage, build gains in market share, increase profitability, and build gross revenues.

Above the Standard Global Services

Procurement Solutions: Services, Management, Outsourcing, Cost Reduction, Vendor Management, Training, Contract Team Development, Supply Chain, Audit, Compliance, Sourcing, and SOP creation and implementation.

- Finance Solutions: Risk, Capital Budgeting, Forecasts, Financials, Policy, SOP, Audit, Training, & other areas.
- Audit Solutions: Procurement, Systems, and Processes
- Management Advisory Solutions: Tactical and Strategic
- Human Resource Solutions: Strategic to Tactical
- Training Solutions: Customized Public, In House, and On-Going proving B2B Solutions - - Funding Solutions: Transactional and Strategic Financial Solutions

Pay For Performance Business Model

We receive NO compensation for any cost reduction project until we reduce your costs in the agreed upon areas (most cases).
If we reduce your costs by $200,000 per year, we share in the cost savings with no up front charges, as we are paid on performance!

If we save you money, great - it’s a net reduction in costs! If we can’t save you money, while increasing your profits, there’s no cost to you! 

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